If you wish to use vehicles as part of your Parade entry, they must comply with the following rules:

  1. All vehicles and\or floats participating in the Australia Day in the City Parade must be listed on the Registration Form and approved by the Parade Manager.
  2. Only special or highly decorated vehicles will be allowed in the Parade: For example, vehicles used primarily for the transport of participants will not be considered.
  3. Any vehicle or trailer participating in the Parade must be registered and insured as required by law and comply with all applicable laws.
  4. The driver of a vehicle in the Parade must have a current driver’s licence as required by law. Holders of learners permits will not be permitted.
  5. Any vehicle participating in the Parade must be driven safely at all times during the Parade, maintain a constant speed of less than 5km per hour as set by the leading parade group and retain a safe distance from the immediately preceding float, with no overtaking permitted.
  6. Participants must take care when travelling as passengers on any vehicle or float to avoid all risk of falling and acknowledge that they travel on that vehicle or float at their own risk.
  7. All signage, decorations, furniture and other items on a vehicle or float must be securely attached to that vehicle or float.
  8. The following activities are prohibited on any vehicle or float:
    • use of naked flame;
    • spraying or squirting water;
    • handing out pamphlets or other written material
    • throwing any object;
    • consumption of alcoholic beverages;
    • use of any items made of glass;
    • alighting from the Float while it is in motion.
  9. Participants accompanying a vehicle on foot may hand out pamphlets or other written material to members of the public only if approved by the Parade Manager.
  10. Participants must at all times promptly comply with instructions given by the Parade Manager, by Parade Marshals appointed by ADCSA and by members of the South Australia Police Service.
  11. Participants acknowledge that they participate in the Parade at their own risk and must take all reasonable steps to preserve their own personal safety.
  12. Participants acknowledge that any failure on their part to comply with the Parade Rules may result in their exclusion from participation in the Parade.
  13. Participants agree to release and discharge and to indemnify the ADCSA from any cost borne of harm resulting from their participation in the Parade.

No vehicle permits will be given to those who do not register

Any queries should be directed to the Australia Day Council of South Australia on telephone (08) 8212 3999 or by email to adcsa@adcsa.com.au