We are inviting South Australians to come together and Celebrate our National Day by taking part in the Australia Day Parade. The Parade is a chance for everyone to reflect on our community as a whole and the many facets that make up the character of our State and Country.

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your group, to show pride in your community and share your day with family, friends and members of the wider community.


The Australia Day Parade will be held on Australia Day.

It will commence at 6:00pm from the corner of Franklin and King William Streets, travel north along King William Street and conclude at Elder Park


Groups that would like to show their national pride for our great country are invited to participate. Participating groups are requested to wear costume, uniform/ (or all tops and pants of the same colour), or traditional dress which best represent your country of origin, culture, lifestyle, hobby, sport, organisation, achievements or legacies. We encourage dance, colour, music, singing and artistic expression.


Detailed information for the event will be sent to you once registrations have closed.

Entrant’s Guidelines 2021

  • The Registration Form  can be found here. 
  • This is an opportunity to take part in a major public event. Join the fun and invite your friends and family to take part with you!
  • Remember to celebrate Australia Day in style! Make your participation in the parade as exciting as you can, with decoration, music, costumes, dancing and colour where possible!
  • Entrants will be judged during the parade in categories including ‘Best Music’, ‘Best Costumes’, ‘Most Creative’, and ‘Judges Choice’, with award winners announced during the concert in Elder Park. Prizes include a $300.00 cheque and a framed certificate.
  • The number of participants in the parade may be limited in the interest of public safety and to ensure timelines are met.
  • Participants will be notified during January of full marshaling instructions including their position in the parade.
  • A minimum of 6 people per group is advised, the maximum group size is 50x people.

Parade Rules 

  • Entry in the parade is voluntary, no entry fee is charged and no payment for entry is given.
  • The parade is a festive occasion to celebrate the Australian lifestyle and is not to be used to promote religious or political purposes.
  • The Parade is a fun family event and no inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated from participants.
  • Participants must at all times promptly comply with instructions given by the Parade Manager, by Parade Marshals appointed by ADCSA and by members of the South Australia Police Service.
  • Participants must take care when travelling as passengers on any vehicle or float to avoid all risk of falling or injury and acknowledge that they travel on that vehicle or float at their own risk.
  • All signage, decorations, furniture and other items on a vehicle or float must be securely attached to that vehicle or float.
  • Participants consent to the use by the ADCSA for promotional purposes of images taken of the Parade and its Participants.
  • Participants acknowledge that any failure on their part to comply with the Parade Rules may result in their exclusion from participation in the Parade.
  • Participants acknowledge that they participate in the Parade at their own risk and must take all reasonable steps to preserve their own personal safety and the safety of others.
  • Participants agree to release and discharge and to indemnify the ADCSA from any cost borne of harm resulting from their participation in the Parade.
  • It is the responsibility of the person lodging the Parade Registration to ensure that they, and all participants for that group, are aware of the Parade Rules and are willing to comply with those Rules.
  • Groups are NOT to stop at any point along the parade route to do a performance.
  • Groups are not permitted to stop unless instructed by a Parade Marshal.
  • The number of participants in the parade may be limited in the interests of public safety and to ensure timelines are met.
  • Participants will be notified during January of full marshalling instructions including their place in the parade.
  • Vehicles must comply with our Vehicle Rules.
  • Signs or banners must be approved by the Australia Day Council of South Australia prior to the day of the Parade.


Presentation and dress are a big part of showcasing your group and culture in the best possible way and celebrating South Australia’s diversity.

Using colour, vibrancy and movement to engage the crowd is really important and an easy way to lift your group’s presence and wow the audience.

Through dress and presentation, your group can also express your unique story and how this is part of your group’s make-up, profile and presence as part of the Australian community. Whether it be about cultural heritage, traditions, customs or club interests, values, or activities – there is a story to share!

To make sure presentation is at its best across the Parade as a whole, here are some tips, tricks, and reminders for all groups and participants to keep in mind when preparing for the Parade and on the day:


  • ensure all members in your group are dressed in the same outfit, or at least the same colour and theme
  • wear national/traditional dress, performance/dance costumes, or club uniforms
  • carry, wave and show items of significance – this could be cultural or religious items, team mascots or equipment (e.g. cultural headwear or accessories for cultural groups such as waving a scarf, or sporting equipment for sports club, etc.)
  • also consider the weather and dress accordingly (e.g. long sleeves if it’s cold and wet or for sun protection, loose fitting clothing if it’s hot)
  • ensure clothes are clean and in good shape with no obvious tears, rips or holes
  • avoid wearing sunglasses during the parade (unless part of their uniform/costume e.g. surf club)


  • Move in engaging, inspiring and crowd-captivating ways, show your excitement and make some noise:
    • dancing, marching, showing off costumes/twirling dresses
    • singing, playing instruments, singing a chant (e.g. club songs, drumming)
    • make eye contact with the crowd, smile and wave
    • move in a coordinated, neat way within your group (spread out in nice rows, don’t all clump together)
    • consider the size of your group (recommended six minimum and 50 maximum) and your parade formation (e.g. for large groups consider walking in sub groups based on costumes/dress and consider which sub group will be at the front. For smaller groups consider how you will best spread out and fill the road space as you move along the Parade route)
      Don’t use mobile phones during the parade (e.g. no talking on the phone or taking photos/video while you are walking along).

Remember to present your community and culture in a positive, professional and respectful manner, but most importantly, be happy and have fun!

Any queries should be directed to the Australia Day Council of South Australia on telephone (08) 8212 3999 or by email to