We are inviting South Australians to come together and Celebrate our National Day by taking part in the Australia Day Parade. The Parade is a chance for everyone to reflect on our community as a whole and the many facets that make up the character of our State and Country.


To see images and videos of past Australia Day celebrations in Adelaide visit:

This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your group, to show pride in your community and share your day with family, friends and members of the wider community.


The Australia Day Parade will be held on Australia Day.
It will commence at 6:00pm from the corner of Franklin and King William Streets, travel north along King William Street and conclude at Elder Park


Groups that would like to show their national pride for our great country are invited to participate. Participating groups are requested to wear costume, uniform/ (or all tops and pants of the same colour), or traditional dress which best represent your country of origin, culture, lifestyle, hobby, sport, organisation, achievements or legacies. We encourage dance, colour, music, singing and artistic expression.


Detailed information for the event will be sent to you once registrations have closed.

Entrant’s Guidelines

  • The Registration Form  can be found here and must be received by the ADCSA by Friday 17th November.
  • This is an opportunity to take part in a major public event. Join the fun and invite your friends and family to take part with you!
  • Remember to celebrate Australia Day in style! Make your participation in the parade as exciting as you can, with decoration, music, costumes, dancing and colour where possible!
  • Entrants will be judged during the parade in categories including ‘Best Music’, ‘Best Costumes’, ‘Most Creative’, and ‘Judges Choice’, with award winners announced during the concert in Elder Park. Prizes include a $300.00 cheque and a framed certificate.
  • The number of participants in the parade may be limited in the interest of public safety and to ensure timelines are met.
  • Participants will be notified during January of full marshaling instructions including their position in the parade.

Parade Rules 

  • Entry in the parade is voluntary, no entry fee is charged and no payment for entry is given.
  • The parade is a festive occasion to celebrate the Australian lifestyle and is not to be used to promote religious or political purposes.
  • The Parade is a fun family event and no inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated from participants.
  • Participants must at all times promptly comply with instructions given by the Parade Manager, by Parade Marshals appointed by ADCSA and by members of the South Australia Police Service.
  • Vehicles and\or floats participating in the Australia Day in the City Parade must be listed on the Registration Form and approved by the Parade Manager.
  • All vehicles in the Parade must be ‘special’ or ‘decorated’ vehicles.
  • Vehicles must comply with our safety guidelines available at
  • Vehicles must be registered or have a permit and must be driven by a current driver’s licence holder. Holders of Learners Permits will not be permitted. Vehicles participate in the parade at their own risk.
  • A maximum of 12 vehicles will be permitted per parade entry and vehicles must travel two abreast.
  • Participants must take care when travelling as passengers on any vehicle or float to avoid all risk of falling or injury and acknowledge that they travel on that vehicle or float at their own risk.
  • All signage, decorations, furniture and other items on a vehicle or float must be securely attached to that vehicle or float.
  • Participants consent to the use by the ADCSA for promotional purposes of images taken of the Parade and its Participants.
  • Participants acknowledge that any failure on their part to comply with the Parade Rules may result in their exclusion from participation in the Parade.
  • Participants acknowledge that they participate in the Parade at their own risk and must take all reasonable steps to preserve their own personal safety and the safety of others.
  • Participants agree to release and discharge and to indemnify the ADCSA from any cost borne of harm resulting from their participation in the Parade.
  • It is the responsibility of the person lodging the Parade Registration to ensure that they, and all participants for that group, are aware of the Parade Rules and are willing to comply with those Rules.
  • Groups are NOT to stop at any point along the parade route to do a performance.
  • Groups are not permitted to stop unless instructed by a Parade Marshal.
  • The number of participants in the parade may be limited in the interests of public safety and to ensure timelines are met.
  • Participants will be notified during January of full marshalling instructions including their place in the parade.
  • All vehicles in the parade must be ‘special’ or ‘decorated’ vehicles.
  • Vehicles must comply with our Vehicle Rules.
  • Signs or banners must be approved by the Australia Day Council of South Australia prior to the day of the Parade.

Further Rules and Guidelines

Please assist us by complying with the Rules and Guidelines for the Australia Day Parade.

The Rules & Guidelines for the Australia Day Parade are designed for fairness, equity and safety of everyone involved with the Parade – participants, Marshals and spectators.

The Parade Steering Committee has highlighted some of the major issues and explained why they are so important:


All vehicles in the Parade must be ‘special’ or ‘decorated’ vehicles

Over the years we have received a number of requests to limit the use of vehicles in the Parade due to noise, fumes, pollution and safety.  Recently even the SA Police questioned the need for so many vehicles in the Parade.

We cannot envisage the Parade being totally vehicle-free but do request you consider whether a vehicle is actually necessary and, if so, what is the smallest vehicle you can use?  For example, instead of using a ute\car to carry an amplifier is it possible to wheel\carry this equipment or even camouflage it as part of your display?  If you are using a truck to transport a band or carry display items can the band walk, can you use a smaller vehicle or can the items be carried\wheeled?

A maximum of 50 participants is specified for each Group.

This figure has been calculated to try and ensure that the Parade is not too long or crowded.  This is an optimum number but can be increased if a Group officially requests it (and provides a valid reason for doing so) and total Parade numbers allow it.

What will not be tolerated is people joining a Group as they are moving along the Parade route!  This is not only unfair to other Groups but also causes operational issues for Marshals and safety concerns for spectators and other Groups.

Gaps between Groups are to be kept to a minimum.

Once again, the SA Police have strongly recommended that we take action to reduce the size of gaps that sometimes appear between Groups as they proceed along the Parade route.  Some have been so long that spectators have believed the Parade has ended and moved onto the road to follow the Parade down to Elder Park.  Again, this causes operational issues for Marshals and Police and considerable safety concerns for everyone in the area.  So, please, try to limit any gap between your Group and the Group in front of you to a maximum of 2 metres.  If your group is following a truck or (smelly) vehicle this distance can be increased slightly for health reasons.

And please remember that Groups must keep up with the flow of the Parade.  A Group cannot slow down for children or slow participants.

Please advise your Block Marshals that your Group is in the area.

Marshals are responsible for advising the Parade Announcer which Groups have actually shown up.  If they do not know you are there your name and story will be removed from the announcer’s list.

Marshals are also responsible for allowing sufficient space for Groups to line up ready for the Parade.  If they do not know you are there they will not leave a space for you which means, when you do turn up, they have to shuffle people around to fit you in.

Sunny days

On a sunny Parade day please do not stand on the hot road out in the sun.  Let your Marshals know you have arrived and where you will be congregating with the rest of your Group – preferably in nearby shade.  As the time approaches for photographs or the commencement of the Parade, Marshals will try to find you to let you know when to start lining up.  But, just in case, keep an eye out for other Groups ahead of yours who may be lining up as this could indicate that something will soon be happening and perhaps your Marshals have not been able to find you.

Distribution of items

During the Parade, Groups are not permitted to hand out items to other participants or spectators without prior authorisation from the ADCSA.  The Parade is non-sectarian and non-political.  As long as the items are not religious or political and are not provocative or offensive, permission will generally be granted.

On the registration form Groups are requested to advise if they will be playing music.

When allocating Parade positions we try to allow sufficient space between Groups with music so that one Group’s music does not clash with another Group.  If a Group attends on the day with music that has not been advised then this is unfair on Groups who have done the right thing and can result in a clash of musical styles.


Any queries should be directed to the Australia Day Council of South Australia on telephone (08) 8212 3999 or by email to