Australia Day in the City will have a dedicated Autism SA Quiet Space that is available for any individual on the autism spectrum, or in the community, that may find the event environment overwhelming.

  • A quiet space is designed to be less sensory stimulating and overwhelming
  • A quiet space supports individuals, such as those with autism, who have sensory sensitivities. For individuals that are sensitive to noise, colours, sounds, smells, it can be challenging for them to engage in activities at a large event
  • Having a designated area where these individuals can take a break from the event is important, where it is quiet, dim lighting, and out of sight from others
  • Providing sensory toys/activities can support the individuals meeting their sensory needs and helping them to calm, concentrate and participate
  • A quiet space creates a safe, comfortable space away from overstimulation


The Autism SA Quiet Space will include:

  • Ear defenders (to help block out the sound while in the space)
  • Small tents with blankets and vibrating pillows
  • Fidget toys
  • Visual items – timers, glitter sticks, light kaleidoscopes
  • Weighted toys
  • Lycra tunnel
  • Wobble cushions
  • Search and find bag
  • Story books
  • Worksheets